FR3 Angled Right 861389
FR3 Angled Right 861389

Philips HeartStart FR3 AED System


The FR3 professional-grade AED is the newest offering from Phillips HeartStart line. Weighing in at a 3.5 pounds (1.6kg), this reliable and rugged AED is the lightest professional AED available on the market.

The Phillips HeartStart FR3 is unique in three ways: it’s quicker, it’s simpler and it’s just more proficient.

Quicker: When the HeartStart FR3 is opened, it powers up automatically to save precious life-saving seconds. Additionally, the SMART Pads are already connected to the device and it’s easy to pull off the backing and place the pads on the victim’s chest. There’s no extra packaging to get in the way. And, the Quick Shock functionality allows a shock to be administered more quickly. Because the device can be configured with the turn of a key for infant and child usage, and the same pads are used, there’s limited downtime when preparing the AED for use. The more quickly a professional can react in an emergency, the more likely that the event will have a positive outcome.

Simpler: Because the FR3 is so lightweight, it’s easy for a professional to grab it and go, even while carrying other equipment. Coupled with the high-res color LCD panel, the Phillip HeartStart FR3 is easy to work with in even the most crowded and noisy environments. It even has bilingual configuration to be certain that any user can quickly and clearly understand the automated directions. It even makes making certain that the AED is properly maintained a breeze. The FR3 performs automated self-tests daily, weekly, and monthly to assure that it is functioning properly and that the pads’ integrity are still up to performance standards. If there’s a problem, audible and visual alerts will make it easy to know that maintenance is required. SMART Pads III are also compatible with the FR2 series to ensure standardization between all of your AED devices.

More Proficient: The FR3’s long battery life assures that it will function for up to 12 hours of heart monitoring or deliver 300 shocks. Additionally, the FR3’s unique data management provides continuous support in improving review, annotations, printouts, and storing of all AED events. Essentially, it helps your team learn from each incident and improve. Review Pro gives and in-depth assessment that can be used as a teaching tool.

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